Welcome to Animal Custom Drums

Please take a moment to have a look around our Website. We endeavour to include to all information you may require when looking to purchase a Snare or Custom Drum Kit. We have separated our various products into the specific drum lines you see below, although remember we are a custom manufacturer so there are really no limitations on what we can do. We also have a pricing page, this will give you a ballpark price on common kit set ups, but doesn’t allow for any offers and discounts so its best to contact us for a quote. We will also try and beat any like for like quote.

Here’s some facts about Animal Custom Drums

We don’t take on endless orders, ramping up our lead times and missing deadlines. We don’t believe you should have to wait 4 months for your drum kit.

We manufacture from raw material all drum shells, ply and stave. ( We buy in Acrylic)

Customer satisfaction is paramount and we will go above and beyond your expectations.

Were approaching our 10th Year trading as Animal Custom Drums

If we don’t reply to your Email within 24hours, we haven’t received it. Give us a call.

Our name has nothing to do with the Muppet show!

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9 Responses to Welcome to Animal Custom Drums

  1. Martin osborne says:

    Looking good Carl 🙂

  2. martin moore says:

    this product looks good, would love to gig one of the snares.

  3. simon bootj says:

    Just bought an elite shell pack. Must say I love these drums. Nice and tight and responsive, great feel. Look awesome. Big sound from a small kit. Great work!

  4. Jack English Jr says:

    I had the opportunity to play on one of your snare drums&instantly fell in love with it.The late Allan Gilby made me the first US endorser of Richmo custom drums in 1998 but since his passing I no longer have the kit.It would be a honor to be endorsed by your company&I can assure you that I will represent you well.I am also a Signed Soultone cymbal artist.my # is(504)952-1101&my name is Jack English Jr.Thank you for your time.Cheers.

  5. Jordan Hambling says:

    Hey, just played my drum teacher, lee Tallowin’s new Animal kit, sounds amazing and looks good too. It’s competing with my DW kit, might have to about changing mine!

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