Animal Custom Drums 2012 Series Kit - American Walnut Animal Custom Drums 2012 Series - Silver Sparkle

2012 Series

The 2012 range of kits and snares are the finest instruments we’ve ever built, utilising the best materials and Animal designed and British made drum parts.

All of our 2012 Series Drums are fitted with polished machined Aluminium lugs and badges ( we offer no other lug option other than our own for this series)




Animal Custom Drums Custom Series Drum Kit   Animal Custom Drums Custom Series Drum Kit

Custom Series

Our most popular drum line, featuring pretty much whatever you need, Birch, Maple, Exotic Shells or Acrylic in all colours. We often use mini tube lugs for the Custom Series but your free to choose whatever you like, we have some great vintage styled lugs if your looking for something old school.

You can get real value for money here or you can push the boat out as far as you can go!



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  1. Martin osborne says:

    Looking good Carl :)

  2. martin moore says:

    this product looks good, would love to gig one of the snares.

  3. simon bootj says:

    Just bought an elite shell pack. Must say I love these drums. Nice and tight and responsive, great feel. Look awesome. Big sound from a small kit. Great work!

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