Drum Shells

A grade veneer cold pressed and molded in house at AC Drums. We produce shells at all sizes, in all the popular timbers, and lots of exotics. We can also blend wood types to help you achieve the shell characteristics your looking for. All shells are priced at 10ply, 6mm thickness, however we can produce thinner and thicker shells, just ask for details. Bearing edges and snare beds are all included in the price. Why buy our shells? We use the best A Grade veneer available, supplied from the UK, European and USA ethical timber merchants. We do NOT use any cheaper filler veneers in our shells. Our Maple shells are 100% USA Maple, Our Walnut shells are 100% Walnut etc Cold Pressed and Cold Molded is the best production method for drum shells, absolutely no question whatsoever, any drum shell made using heat to speed up cure time is an inferior drum shell regardless of the company making it, resonance and the natural tonal characteristics of the shell are all compromised by heat. We have been making drum shells on a daily basis for over 10 years, with the 10 years prior to that developing the techniques to do so. We can blend timbers to achieve a particular sound profile, make thin shells, thick shells and anything in between. We can supply our shells worldwide. £15 carriage is charged per shell, if you would like to order multiple shells, we can discount your carriage costs, either contact us before you order or we will adjust and refund any over paid carriage costs. Shell packs of 3 to 5 shells are £20 within UK All other countries ask for a quote.