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We produce drum shells at all sizes, in all the popular timbers, and lots of exotics. Bearing edges and snare beds are all included in the price of all our drum shells.
We use the best A Grade veneer available, supplied from UK, European and USA ethical timber merchants.
We do NOT use any cheaper filler veneers in our shells. Our Maple drum Shells are 100% USA Maple, Our Walnut Drum Shells are 100% Walnut etc

Cold Pressed and Cold Molded is the best production method for drum shells, resonance and the natural tonal characteristics of the shell are all compromised by heat and heat reactive adhesives.

If you are unsure on what shell material would suit your playing style, or would like any other guidance prior to ordering please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can email us at info@animalcustomdrums.co.uk

There are huge amounts of advertising wizardry, particularly by the larger mass production companies about the virtues of X, Y and Z timbers, unique ply orientations and sonically marvellous adhesives, to the typical drummer my advice would be to keep it simple, Maple, Birch, Oak, Walnut etc all sound incredibly similar in a live situation, if youre looking to have a natural or stained finish, consider adding an outer layer of an exotic or nicely figured timber over a standard timber.
What WILL effect the end result at this stage is shell thickness ( Ignore ply, focus on the actual mm thickness if your comparing shells from different companies) A thinner shell will have a lower note than a thicker shell as pitch increases with density, to my ear a thinner shell has a greater botton end, and produces a fuller rounded 'woody' note, thicker shells are brighter, fast attack and can be louder / project further depending how thick in comparison.

Your choice of bearing edge will also contribute to the end result. Our standard bearing edge is a 45degree inside cut with a small outer 45degree return, the peak of this edge is treated differently dependant on the size of the drum, sharper on snares and small toms, progressivly rounder on larger drums. The angle of the edge is relatively insignificant comparred to the contact point between shell and head, but we offer all angle choices, 30, 45, 60degree etc

You can order our drumshells from our online store, drumshellsuk by clicking on any of the images on this page

Walnut Snare Drum Shell
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